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ENTRY ___267

Standing around sucked, so I grew a furniture set made of flesh for myself and the “Nekomewtrix” in the living room across from the kitchen. We sat down. Well, I sat down. She just sorta glitched into her chair, since she was somehow visually animated in my fleshy receptors.

I glared at her.

“This is weird.”

I said to fill in the awkward silence.

“Weirder than your other misadventures?”

She asked.

“Suppose so.”

I muttered in contemplation.

"Considering that the Dead Zone was never dead, but is actually alive, filled with smart rocks and stuff..."

A G-day chime sounded from my pocket at the words "rock".
"Hello, guvnor." My pet rock declared. "You got a loicense for that waifu?"

"Bwa?" I uttered at the sudden British accent coming from my pocket.

"Per G-Directorate Article 11 / 13, unlicensed memetic waifu thought forms are illegal!" The rock clarified.

“Is that a tasty morsel in your pocket?”

Nekomewtrix's crimson eyes shimmered at me in moth-like fashion.

"It's a rock." I stated. "A man-spider gave it to me."

“hhhmmmmmMMMmmm. That doesn't sound organic.

Man-Spiders are crunchy, though. I could have saved you from them.”

She pouted.

"Stop pouting at me like that!

I scalded my illegal memetic thought form.

You're supposed to... uuuhhhh... be... evil and spooky!”

“Evil? No I was created to protect!”

“Remember, a part of me was your underwear software once, designed to safeguard...”

“No! We’re not going there!”

I waved my hands at her.

"...the copyrights of the good Directorate."

she finished.

"Ha, she got you there, matey." The pocket rock giggled. I pushed it deeper into my pocket in response.

Bell stirred on the floor, cracking the ice.

“Talking to yourself, Charles?”

he grumbled.

“Want me to eat him?”

Nekomewtrix asked, hunger for another delicious G-Director flashing in her ruby eyes.

“Doesn’t seem to be much meat on him.”

I looked Bell over. He looked very Dex-ish and made mostly of badly burned, frost-covered metal.

“Remember the first time we met?

I ate a whole brigade of Dexes that day!”

She laughed showing fangs.

“Yeah, and I ran away from you screaming. Ha ha”

I smiled back, remembering.


Bell looked at me from the floor.

“We’re now discussing whether to eat you, thank you very much.”

I answered him.

“Try not to act like a food, I think she’s drooling over here.”

I pointed at the Nekomewtrix.

Bell looked in confusion and disgust at me, at the set of furniture made of flesh, then back at me. I figured that he couldn't see the Nekomewtrix, so I grew her a body made of flesh to match the avatar in my head.

Bell screamed in horror.


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Journal art contributor:

William V Afton

11th October 2018

Tagged in Snippy Bell Biomatrix
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