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Open Chat

General discussion. Anything you want to talk about.
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8 minutes ago

Welcome to Romantically Apocalyptic

Introduce your delicious selves here.
18 46 by Znipster
10 days ago

Apocalyptic Chat

Anything to do with Romantically Apocalyptic.
9 266 by NamesAreNotImportant
13 days ago


A place to ask specific questions to the team for answerage in videos.
2 3 by oldtoby
5 months ago

Have an idea for a RA episode? Submit it here!

Want to write for RA comic series? This is your interview space.
For anyone who wants to apply as RA script writer!

Submit your ideas/scripts here.
If your submission is delicious, we will make you an official team writer.
9 21 by gammaworld1
6 months ago

Message Forum

Chat with specific people using @name.
154 53,165 by SwissCross
20 minutes ago


Prepare yourself for judgment day:
How will it happen?

Tips on surviving the apocalypse!
War, doomsday, post-apocalyptic art/photography/literature!

Role play zee end of the world.
3 278 by blambodee
10 days ago


Give feedback and help to build a better forum and website.
This forum is shared by all Mepsu sites.
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23 hours ago

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Topic: SuomiFoorumi NSFW 8 minutes ago #9393311        

Mä haluun samanlaisen talon ku Emil Wickströmin ateljee. <3


30 M

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Topic: What are you doing right here, right now? 13 minutes ago #9393310        

Chillin' in a hotel in Dubai. 'cause I'm on holiday. Flying to New Zealand tomorrow. :D


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Topic: ITT: You woke up in the middle ages! 17 minutes ago #9393309        

@Finn123 I don't know where the said person is from. All she said was that if she tries to buy stuff speaking Finnish the clerk will start speaking Swedish because the clerk can hear that her first language isn't Finnish and wants to be nice but it annoys her because she would like to practice her Finnish sometimes. It was in a tv-show in Yle fem.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 17 minutes ago #9393308        

All pre-2000 incarnations are Hanna-Barbera productions, so your description is not that specific. But I guess you're talking about the very first incarnation, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, right?


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Topic: The Swiss Chocolate Shop (part 2) 20 minutes ago #9393307        

And I have an extra day to prepare for the interview.

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