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Open Chat

General discussion. Anything you want to talk about.
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2 minutes ago

Welcome to Romantically Apocalyptic

Introduce your delicious selves here.
16 40 by Croadon
4 days ago

Apocalyptic Chat

Anything to do with Romantically Apocalyptic.
9 264 by Branai
1 month ago


A place to ask specific questions to the team for answerage in videos.
2 3 by oldtoby
3 months ago

Have an idea for a RA episode? Submit it here!

Want to write for RA comic series? This is your interview space.
For anyone who wants to apply as RA script writer!

Submit your ideas/scripts here.
If your submission is delicious, we will make you an official team writer.
9 21 by gammaworld1
4 months ago

Message Forum

Chat with specific people using @name.
134 48,334 by Jacob
12 minutes ago


Prepare yourself for judgment day:
How will it happen?

Tips on surviving the apocalypse!
War, doomsday, post-apocalyptic art/photography/literature!

Role play zee end of the world.
4 293 by MrCowboyMan
4 months ago


Give feedback and help to build a better forum and website.
This forum is shared by all Mepsu sites.
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4 hours ago

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21 M
Topic: What's on your mind #89 2 minutes ago #9363297        

@Iateapenguin I lied I'm never fat no matter what I eat. People always say wow u so skinny :/ Mom is like.. omg are you even eating? Can't you afford food? :o

They should see my belly when I sit down I look like pregnant :3

Topic: What's on your mind #89 3 minutes ago #9363296        

@America-sama #9363092

I personally despise Apple computing.


21 M
Topic: Your Porn Preferences (definitely NSFW) 4 minutes ago #9363295        

@Stenson4t0r I knooow. But I think it's a self-confidence thing aswell as I'm like... Suuuurely not that person is interested in me O.o So I'll be in denial until they literally say they like me. But still then they could be joking.. deeerp.

Topic: What's on your mind #89 11 minutes ago #9363293        

I usually lose 10kg over summer and then put it on again slowly over the course of the year
So now I'm fat :(
But soon I'll be skinneeeeee! :D


21 M

Online Now
Topic: What's on your mind #89 12 minutes ago #9363291        

@America-sama #9363255
I've been out and about a lot, which has stopped me coming online.
Was it a good sleep?

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