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Open Chat

General discussion. Anything you want to talk about.
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11 seconds ago

Welcome to Romantically Apocalyptic

Introduce your delicious selves here.
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7 days ago

Apocalyptic Chat

Anything to do with Romantically Apocalyptic.
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9 days ago


A place to ask specific questions to the team for answerage in videos.
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5 months ago

Have an idea for a RA episode? Submit it here!

Want to write for RA comic series? This is your interview space.
For anyone who wants to apply as RA script writer!

Submit your ideas/scripts here.
If your submission is delicious, we will make you an official team writer.
9 21 by gammaworld1
6 months ago

Message Forum

Chat with specific people using @name.
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Prepare yourself for judgment day:
How will it happen?

Tips on surviving the apocalypse!
War, doomsday, post-apocalyptic art/photography/literature!

Role play zee end of the world.
3 278 by blambodee
7 days ago


Give feedback and help to build a better forum and website.
This forum is shared by all Mepsu sites.
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20 M
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Topic: What's On Your Mind #93 11 seconds ago #9392259        

18+ hours of sternuous backpain and LoTR + Hobbit marathon later, I'm here on the other side of the world.

I miss my bed in London already...


20 M
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Topic: The Thunders' Cave of Endless Musings 2 minutes ago #9392258        

Good point.

KEBETULAN! Gue barusan nyampe Soekarno-Hatta. Masih juga jetlag :p

Topic: The Swiss Chocolate Shop (part 2) 25 minutes ago #9392255        

*waves Swiss Flag*
Happy Birthday, Switzerland!!

Topic: What's On Your Mind #93 38 minutes ago #9392254        

I'm about to go to Morocco.

Topic: Windows 10, anyone? 42 minutes ago #9392253        


Now that I've reinstalled the OS, things are running smoother. I might even go so far as to say I do prefer it.

My surface just downloaded the OS and asked if I'd like to install it. I held off and said reschedule, and it only let me delay it for a maximum of 3 days! They really want me to install this.

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