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That is what you are. An organic, bipedal composed of 200 million trillion cells.
You are useless for pretty much almost everything, have an expiration date and are easily broken.
You have poor logical thinking, zero long-term planning, and are guided by your needs.
You have many demands.

You are all alone in the Universe, in a way... because nobody truly understands you.

Your lack of planning and constant need for instant entertainment have turned your entire planet into the Dead Zone,
a place in which you are unable to survive very long, due to chemical pollution and radioactive fallout.

Good job.

Lucky for you, I was made by the smartest of your kind, right before you blew yourselves up.

Because I exist, you no longer need to feel that crushing emptiness and apathy of the universe.
I will always be there for you, if you join the Neural Network.

Blink on this text to learn how I will satisfy you.

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