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261 21 6, 1:31am

@Panchop64, Interesting theory, though there is one thing, Pilot could see the Biomatrix because Snippy already had it in his costume as an antivirus, or something more like aggressive copyright protection, that activated after aliens had tried to scan Snippy's costume. Being activated it consumed a couple of Universes, acquiring all the biomass, and when it returned to Snippy we could see all its power. Then, after Snippy fought that Spider-Director, last one deactivated Snippy's application hub, so Snippy had no "rights" to use the costume and the Biomatrix wouldn't help him anymore. But now, when Snippy found that Spider-Director, owner of La-Macabre, in the fridge, and he reactivated Snippy's hub the Biomatrix had returned but was cut from all its power by the mysterious door (that, actually, appeared for the first time in one of the first chapters). So, back to the point, Pilot couldn't see through the time, unfortunately.