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261 17 6, 11:07am

I'm so happy that we get another entry so soon after the last one! :)

So I wondered a long time ago why there was imagery of Captain depicted as a God or Messiah BEFORE the events of RA even took place:
First there is this picture of Captain in the subway in Snippy's memories, implying everyone must know about zee:, but why? Isn't zee just and experiment, Number 7 as Engie calls it? Sure, it's meant to be the luckiest being on Earth, but why would zee become so public back then? It feels like there's still a part of the story to be revealed there.
Then there's the corrupted memory of Pilot in entry 62:, with the picture that literally says "Messiah"... Pilot was already insane at the time of the bombing so it could be just him taking Captain for a god...
But then there's THIS.

It simply doesn't make sense. Why would there be a picture of a faceless angel with a red scarf and a calix in that church? A picture that looks like it was there since before the events of RA took place.

... But now Captain is about to win the powers of an app designed to represent a god to people, an app that literally grants any wishes it wants. If these new powers spread through Captain's whole timeline (just like Pilot could see the Biomatrix linked to Snippy since the first entries:, it could explain how it became a deity in the past. It would be in this moment that he got the power to not just know everything that's going to happen or have special privileges over the G-apps, but to actually be magic, like Harry Potter but more magic. Truly, a space wizard...