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10B 4 10, 11:54am

I just adore the Vocal Philosopher's expression of Pilot; it gets better with each episode. Of course Pilot would speak in the tank's voice when quoting it, and be able to perfectly reproduce the buzzing of a giant mosquito. It's literally playback. I like the tri-tone sound when he speaks of the Good Directorate (tu-du-du?) and the doubling-up of random syllables, such as "I kept on-on walking" "in-into a very deep shadow." It seems that when Pilot is relating something exciting or tense he makes more mistakes, like he's getting ahead of himself. And when he's directly addressing or talking about Zee Captain, he seems to make fewer mistakes. I just love these extra touches!

EDIT: P.S. Am I crazy or was that tank macking on Pilot at first? "Add me to G-book!" LOL!