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67 26 10, 3:40am

... Dude it's really really obvious that Pilot likes zee Captain and if he hasn't told zee Captain of that then that would be the *only* person he hasn't told. Why the heck do you include "what if Pilot is female" in that theory anyway? Captain is the one transcending gender, Pilot has been consistently described as and identified as male. Liking Captain has nothing to do with gender.

@Helix Zee captain is Zee Captain. Captain's pronoun is neither "he" or "she" but "zee". It has been explained in more than one of the previous journal entries (including the very first journal entry when Snippy failed to gender Captain and in another early journal where Snippy try to discuss Captain's gender with Pilot). Sometimes gendered words are thrown in here and there but the official standpoint is that Captain is neither male or female. Speculating in what Captain "originally" was is a moot point.