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162 7 12, 12:26pm

@IntrepidProfessor Most of the Biomass was destroyed when the Orbital Ion Satellite hit it with it's big Ion lazer, so at this point very little of the other forms it has collected thus far have survived. Assume that the amount of mass it currently has is relative to the amount of neural power and thus "people" it is made up of. Given that very little of the original mass currently I think we can assume that there would have been thousands of "members" in this council meeting we see in this comic. The one with the human skull likely represents the human counterpart, whereas the others represent what is leftover from the carnage.

Interestingly the biomass is very much like Annet, in that it wishes to assimilate others. The only difference is that Annet focuses purely on humans and the mental assimilation, whereas the Biomass focuses on all organic matter and not only assimilates the mind, but also the body of it's targets.