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0 26 7, 12:13pm

I SHaLl NoW UnDerTaKe ThE MoST LaRgE JeErb Of NarRatINg/CoMmenTing On AlL Of The pASt CoMicS. TrY AnD StOp MeFeLloW LurkErs! StArtIng HeRe WiTh CapTaiNs MosT GeNerOus JeRp OppOurTuNity To The MosT UngReaTfUll SnIppStEr!

ALL Of tHE FolLOwInG sHaLL lAy WitNesS To My EfForTs!

HoW nIce Of CapTaiN tO OfFer FrEe JoBs, SoNgs AnD BoUrbOn In ThIS EcOnOMICalLy FrUstrAted TimE Of OurS…