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219 11 5, 4:13am

wow, from this comic i learned a few things:

1. you must always be kinder to rocks.
2. everything is/(could be) alive
3. snippy's current rock is a jerk. he even invited the crows to muder him! wow, some rocks should be crushed and transformed into sand....

4. some spider-people can be wise.

also, i dare ask:

WHO are those DEX units that have an ''ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME IS 459505385 HOURS DUE TO ROADWORK DELAYS...''????!one

because pilot is the ''nearby DEX that cannot arrive due to a lost head''.

and captain/engie/everyone else is a human, therefore, there are no other DEX units i can currently think of.

good comic, once again!
lets hope that the crows won't eat him.