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164 2 2, 7:29pm

Absolutely mind-boggling. So... Snippy IS Captain, just his past self. Unless the Captain was just talking out of his arse once again. But surely he wouldn't say something like THAT if it weren't true.

Edit: Okay, okay I see now. The Biomatrix is temporally desynchronising Snippy. The Captain is already temporally desynchronised - and also unscannable (both things caused by the biomatrix). Things are starting to make sense now.

One thing I don't understand is, how did the Biomatrix and Arbitrator detect Snippy in the first place, but not Captain, if the Unscannable-ness has been shown to affect him in the past, present and future? Maybe, with the advanced alien tech, he also had to be temporally desynchronized for them to not detect him? Haha, I have no idea.