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ENTRY ___111

Amber of Snippy, Sector 0074 Host
Chronicler of Introspection

Entry ________111:

I couldn't sleep.

The Life-Walkers were out, re-seeding the forest.
Their majestic, massive shapes loomed over the treetops, the biggest one was tall enough to pierce even low-lying clouds.

Were there more of them than usual?
This many don't show up... unless... unless they are waiting for something?

The air was too calm...
Perhaps there was a storm coming?

The golden light of the Architect's star and the silver moonlight lit up the forest.
The Life-Walkers stirred ever so slightly, silently marching onwards, emerald stars sparkling on their horns.

Slightly unnerved, I retired to the Tower chapel to admire the stain-glass within.
The stain-glass depicted the Divine Architect carving mountains with the Word.
The Progenitor Architect, savior of souls, preserver as they called him.

He, who laid out the rules.
He who rebuilt the world from Ashes, after the fall of the Evil Directorate Empire.
He, who was the first to use the Word and pass it onto others.
Below him, etched in darker shapes were the Admins, his most loyal followers, his Sons and Daughters.
The Admins, protectors of humanity. The Mods who came later, they were their loyal servants.
Armed with the Word, able to do anything.

...How many centuries ago was this?

Many Source Words were forgotten since then, erased, lost in time.
What else did father teach me about the Mods?
Our local Mods were total boobs, their Word was only good for summoning pointless, confusing objects that nobody knew how to operate.
What else did the local Mods accomplish?
I remember hearing about a Mod who could summon only a left shoe. Or that one Mod who could summon pants, large stretchy pants that people refused to wear, as they didn't fit properly on anyone and thus were completely out of fashion.

The Admins and Mods of the Capitol were only slightly more helpful, that's why the Governor kept them around at all.
One of the Capitol's Mods could make large mustaches appear on anyone's face. Most entertaining!
The Capitol's Head Admin was even able to summon odd shaped, horse-less carriages and glass screens. Utterly useless of course, since the carriages were too heavy to move by horses and since the screens could not be turned on.
The Governor smelted the shiny carriages into Armour and turned the screens into fancy coffee tables.

The Capitol Mods did constantly dig the Capitol libraries and search the catacombs for something. What was it?
Oh yes, the First Architect's lost journal.
The key to Unlimited power, lost in time?
Had they found it, the journal would throw the Capitol into Chaos. One little book that could change everything.

Such silly speculation.
The Architect's journal is just as non-existent as the Endless Chalice.


Light. Light from all directions.
Fire. Hellfire all around.
Everyone makes mistakes.
I shouldn't have...


Art Director:

Vitaly S Alexius


Christina Zakhozhay

Journal assistant artist:


3rd November 2012

Tagged in Amber
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23 F
5 years ago #9548515        



"One of the Capitol's Mods could make large mustaches appear on anyone's face."

Remember that time when Captain faced Cancer and had a huge moustache in one panel? On page 56. Rather than being quickly ignored as a November one-off, on the next page Cancer acknowledge it as something that canonically happened: "your quantum dissonance has been noted!"

I think that if it's anything I've learned on this read through so far, it's that in the world of Romantically Apocalyptic, what we see through Captain and Pilot is probably much closer to the reality of their world than what we see through Snippy.


15 M
6 years ago #9432478        



Engie? Is that you?
Also the endless chalice is the Heart mug isn't it?

1 year ago #9830502        



This is still one of the most intriguing comics to me. Knowing that this is in the far future, I constantly try to infer what still needs to happen in the present based on this state of things. Like, I don't know, how the moon is shattered and there is a small sun orbiting it?! What even is that?
Given where the comic went now (274 is the newest currently), this is just fascinating...

3 years ago #9794751        



So, this is a parralel universe where engie saved humanity, preserving their conciousness on a server, snippeys alter ego is connectable (?) And can see the "other" world through mirrors?

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15 M
5 years ago #9534950        



Hey Look its Engie!

5 years ago #9466058        



So humanity survived in a virtual world just as Engie had planned initially?

5 years ago #9432896        



Is this the future? I thought it was some alternate history.

6 years ago #9431279        




6 years ago #9414964        



Something is bugging me.
Captain is referred to as Zee Governor of Captainia so that's his big role.
The Chalice Knights are the loyal followers of the Governor and Pilot fits into this trope perfectly.
The Architect is Gromov and looks like he gets a good amount of redemption in the end.
What the hell is Snippy's role? Is he a bad guy? I hope he turns into a bad guy? Or dies a martyr? Am I the only one who wants this to happen???

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6 years ago #9384887        



The last panel looks like Carrie on prom night! lol

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