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Good Directorate



~Archive data center


Their symbol was a large G displayed on all their manufactured items and company owned buildings.
Especially eye catching are the giant, cube-shaped Good Directorate buildings towering over the city.

They were responsible for most of the pollution of the environment, which caused massive expansion of the Dead Zone.


Finances: The G-Directorate owns the Federal Reserve Bank.->

Copyrights: The G-Dir. earned vast amounts of their money by copyrighting anything they could get their hands on, even basic human needs like talking, love, sleep and dreams.

Textiles: The G-Dir. manufactured special clothing for it's employees such as DZ. Tour Guide fireproof jacket.

Space: The G-Directorate owns the Moon. Rumors of a moon-city persist.

Dead-Zone-Tourism-Department: Guided tours into the Dead Zone outside of the city domes for scientists and tourists. The G-Directorate gave the tour-guides special training and seems to have had specially designed vehicles (Dead Zone Crawlers) for difficult terrain. The vehicles had inbuilt transmitter-devices to allow people to connect to the ANNET from within the Dead Zone, but these were apparently unreliable.

Research: Among others Project 7 was started by the G-Dir., to find the luckiest human on Earth. It's likely therefore that there have been at least 6 other projects before that (but, 7 might also refer to the number 7 being associated with luck). Furthermore the effects of ANNET-withdrawal were tested on several unlucky individuals.

ANNET: G-Directorate's search-engine. Humans were able to connect to it either using a neural interface or with the signal from the transmitter towers. Surfing the internet during the sleeping hours was a cheap alternative to buying dreams.

Dreams: Sending copyrighted dreams for money to the humans who didn't want or couldn't use the ANNET system while sleeping.

Police & Military: G-Dir. had its own military branch, which Captain and Stalky were a part of.

Insurance: G-Dir. Insurance department employed Dex personnel for missions of maintaining order within Eureka.

Drones, Vehicles & Battlestations: All purpose machinery built and used by the G-Directorate.

Bunkers: Only for G-Dir-Inc. Top Executives and Directors. "Equipped with enough energy and food for thousand".

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