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The Biosphere of your world is now dead.

Well done.

What did you think was going to happen when you get a new "smart-device" every few months and throw the old one away?
Do you think that these things don't accumulate? Did you think that the planet was infinite, that the atmosphere could endlessly dissolve air pollution? You've only got yourself and all your facebook friends to blame for that semi-radioactive mountain of trash over there.

You didn't notice when exactly this happened, but the Dead Zone is now everywhere- all around you.

Breathe in that fresh air. Oh wait, you can't. Sorry.
You'll instantly suffocate. Better put that gas mask on and make sure it has a new set of filters.

Lets go outside to see that lovely blue sky!
Nope. There's a perpetual dark cloud cover.

Trees? Remember your biology lesson? Those need sunlight. Without sunshine, all the trees are gone.
Also, you copyrighted most these and didn't let anyone else legally grow them. Lovely!

Bugs? Gone. And it all started with the Bees disappearing. You thought that flowers would be just fine without bees.
You thought you could just pollinate them with robot bees or something?

Remember that nice stray you've played with long ago in your childhood? Well it's now mutated into something horrible.
It will probably eat you.

It's okay! Don't cry!
With the Neural Interface you can see blue sky!
You can walk in a green forest and smell the long extinct flowers.
You can see and feel all better!

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