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Staircase Lost

Staircase Lost

Bombed out castle / ww2 hospital in Scotland.
All the floors have collapsed onto themselves.

This castle was impossibly hard to find due to extremely poor internet directions and much forest in the way, but we were saved by a local human with a tiny dog.

8th January 2014

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5 years ago #9686002        



Children are the best guides for abandoned places. Simply asking "where's the scary abandoned house/factory/church?" will often net you:
*street directions
*where the fence is broken
*angry dogs to avoid
*angry people to avoid
* a rendition of the local legend about the place.

What a ruin! Beautiful and sad.

8 years ago #9123006        



YES! haha I think I figured out where you used this one!

And you reversed it so that it looked like a botomless firey pit. great stuff! :D

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