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Romantically Apocalyptic Renaissance

ENTRY ___Romantically Apocalyptic Renaissance

Greetings everyone!

Thanks to a massive breakthrough in AI tech, I'm back to making the comic!

However, since this site is hell-a-old, barely works and doesn't support the mega-HD pages that I've been making for 17 years now, an updated version of Ra with higher resolution, new pages and 200% more art will be uploaded right here on Royal Road.

New chapters of Romantically Apocalyptic will come out on Royal Road as soon as the comic catches up to the moon arc.

A tasty sample of new arts from the new edition:

Support Zee Captain by leaving tasty reviews of this webcomic on Royal Road!

Also, the RA shop is back as we got more books.

6th August 2022

Tagged in Snippy Pilot Captain Engie
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2 months ago #9874880        



oooh, are you using midjourney to help make assets? I've been obsessed with it for the last week, and I can absolutely see how that could help speed things up!

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2 months ago #9874918        



O frabjous day! I can't wait to find out how ze Captain's story ends/begins.

2 months ago #9874904        



Welcome back, Captain. Stasis hasn't been the same without you.

2 months ago #9874893        



I begged for trollface Captein and got Godface Captein, its been worth the wait

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