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Mortal Coil

Mortal Coil

Climbing a very sinister staircase in a bombed out castle / ww2 hospital in Scotland.

I thought I would fall on my face for sure with the flimsy staircases collapsing underneath me, but Oggy's British cheering on pushed me forward to the last floor.

15th January 2014

Tagged in Vitaly S

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4 years ago #9736895        



Have you ever had floor collapse beneath you when you're in these places? That staircase looks like it's holding on by the last of pure physic's strength.

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5 years ago #9686009        



Wow! I'd have been a gibbering mess in that situation, trying to crawl into my boots and disappear. *shudder*. That staircase is missing its stringers, how odd.

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