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Last Refuge

Last Refuge

~A secret place.

Lair of a homeless madman, cast away by society.
Inaccessible and barricaded room, hidden in the murky depths of the Toronto abandoned Brick Works factory.
Discovered accidentally by passing through winding underground tunnel, collapsed partway and littered with metal shards.

Tormented by loneliness, he sought to find the purpose of life.
A scholar if you will, of the new age.
The floor of the room as you can see, is littered with thousands of books, magazines, newspapers that the hobo has gathered over many years, now covered with thick layer of dust.

Waves upon waves of discarded objects.

In the back- a collection of artifacts: tapes, shoes, clothes, folders and plastic bags filled with newspaper cutouts.

Many of the bags- filled up with countless, disorganized notes, covered with scribbles, highlighted, underlined, crisscrossed numbers, letters and names.

... welcome to his world of chaos.

13th January 2014

Tagged in Vitaly S

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