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  How many people are here because of Berzox? Paragone new! Paragone, 11 days ago
  everything old is new again durqi new! durqi, 12 days ago
  Hello Anaxagoris new! Anaxagoris, 19 days ago
  Ah yes, yet another Obligatory Introduction Post™ Woot100 new! Woot100, 1 month ago
  So I decided to make myself an account...Hello Nyuka new! Nyuka, 2 months ago
  Still mad over comic #180. Sausage new! Sausage, 4 months ago
  Still mad over comic #180. Sausage new! Sausage, 4 months ago
  Beginnings DrNominal new! DrNominal, 4 months ago
  I heard Captainia was beautiful this time of year TheCrabtribe new! TheCrabtribe, 7 months ago
  Insert creative title here Nathali0825 1 Marbat, 8 months ago
  A Random Slav Just Entered The RA Fandom. SigridRav new! SigridRav, 8 months ago
  A Wild Paper Appears! Paper 1 Stormer1011, 8 months ago
  I am new here. Now what does a robot do here... Stormer1011 new! Stormer1011, 8 months ago
  Webtoon sent me here JustTheEyes new! JustTheEyes, 9 months ago
  Hello-Hello greenfly1-2-3 1 Frost_Marvel, 10 months ago
  Finally signed up SmokingGNU new! SmokingGNU, 10 months ago
  I'm new Alijar new! Alijar, 10 months ago
  Hey Guys! Branai 19 DoomsdayGuy12345, 10 months ago
  Hi I am new to Romantically Apocalyptic SpikeylovesSatW new! SpikeylovesSatW, 10 months ago
  Greetings to all sentient beings! DoomsdayGuy12345 2 DoomsdayGuy12345, 11 months ago
  A MOST GRAVY SITUATION Nariata 3 Oblivia, 11 months ago
  Hello etk1138 1 Mrcheese, 1 year ago
  The Thing caps 1 benevolence, 1 year ago
  Looks like I'm the latest FNG (Friggin' New Guy) Sgt_Killshot 13 benevolence, 1 year ago
  hi:) allthesnippeh 4 Znipster, 1 year ago
  the new kid intro benevolence 2 waffledinosaur, 1 year ago
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