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  A Random Slav Just Entered The RA Fandom. SigridRav new! SigridRav, 5 days ago
  A Wild Paper Appears! Paper 1 Stormer1011, 11 days ago
  I am new here. Now what does a robot do here... Stormer1011 new! Stormer1011, 11 days ago
  Webtoon sent me here JustTheEyes new! JustTheEyes, 1 month ago
  Hello-Hello greenfly1-2-3 1 Frost_Marvel, 2 months ago
  Finally signed up SmokingGNU new! SmokingGNU, 2 months ago
  I'm new Alijar new! Alijar, 2 months ago
  Hey Guys! Branai 19 DoomsdayGuy12345, 2 months ago
  Hi I am new to Romantically Apocalyptic SpikeylovesSatW new! SpikeylovesSatW, 3 months ago
  Greetings to all sentient beings! DoomsdayGuy12345 2 DoomsdayGuy12345, 3 months ago
  A MOST GRAVY SITUATION Nariata 3 Oblivia, 3 months ago
  Hello etk1138 1 Mrcheese, 4 months ago
  The Thing caps 1 benevolence, 5 months ago
  Looks like I'm the latest FNG (Friggin' New Guy) Sgt_Killshot 13 benevolence, 5 months ago
  hi:) allthesnippeh 4 Znipster, 5 months ago
  the new kid intro benevolence 2 waffledinosaur, 6 months ago
  Let me introduce myself Mrcheese 2 Mrcheese, 6 months ago
  Hullo CyanicKnight 1 Znipster, 7 months ago
  Hello :) forevertomorrow9 2 CyanicKnight, 7 months ago
  Greetings to all! TheArchonOfAges 1 DoomsdayGuy12345, 7 months ago
  It's pronounced cro-ah-don Croadon 1 DoomsdayGuy12345, 7 months ago
  Hello ThE5had0w 1 Croadon, 9 months ago
  hello ppl! netcron2100 1 Branai, 10 months ago
  why hello there!!! sergeant new! sergeant, 11 months ago
  Took me long enough Clysmer 1 Znipster, 11 months ago
  Insert creative title here PurpleZombieAttack 1 Znipster, 12 months ago
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