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  Dear (blank) (Fake letters) 2 hejsanhoppsan 220 SpikeylovesSatW, 7 days ago
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 NSFW What would the person below you never, ever say 2 SpikeylovesSatW 400 nemoleeexe, 8 days ago
  The Not-Science Club -no sources no proof no probl AwesomeSunflower 152 uktana, 9 days ago
  The 10.5th Selfie Thread: EnglishCheeseMan 295 lbisno1, 9 days ago
  Random Reward Badge Dayvi 123 VanessaLeskinen, 9 days ago
  what is food like where you live? cloudieoak 26 TheDoctor1996, 9 days ago
  More wrong vs triangle shaped earth? Dorkymike 10 Dorena, 10 days ago
 NSFW Shipping Thread v2.0 NickOfForvania 895 SpikeylovesSatW, 10 days ago
  Can someone explain this? Lordpoo2 16 SpikeylovesSatW, 11 days ago
  I made an ask blog for the Baltic sisters! IFreakingLikeEstonia 20 nemoleeexe, 11 days ago
  Stupid tests hejsanhoppsan 3 hejsanhoppsan, 12 days ago
  Cool Flags NickOfForvania 6 SexyDutchman, 14 days ago
 NSFW Don't Get Me Started(Forum Game) Rosin 148 AussiePengwin, 14 days ago
  Two Truths and a Lie Frost_Marvel 641 nemoleeexe, 14 days ago
  Does the flag from your profile match your country Rosin 88 Mindbird, 14 days ago
 NSFW Quote Book Volume 3 SydneyCarton 154 Zeust, 15 days ago
  What would the person below you never ever say 2.0 Dorkymike 1 Dorkymike, 16 days ago
  What would the person below you never, ever say. Raimondas 1079 uktana, 16 days ago
 NSFW Boobs! 2 (NSFW) Iateapenguin 229 AussiePengwin, 16 days ago
  I want to be a nazi Tobie_kenobie 75 Ptarmigeon, 16 days ago
  Show us your pets. :) Fernweh 122 hejsanhoppsan, 17 days ago
  What's on your mind #119 IsaIna 62 IsaIna, 17 days ago
  The Duolingo Thread Australian-Person 357 hejsanhoppsan, 18 days ago
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