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  Umm…hi? JTTWloverchinese.2nd trying. JTTWloverchinese new! JTTWloverchinese, 2 years ago
  The last text Baconcheesewheel 23 SpikeTheNerd, 2 years ago
  The icon that shows your nationality on the prof Jennifer_Pevensie 3 SpikeTheNerd, 2 years ago
  Austria AustrianInDenmark 1 Dan, 2 years ago
 NSFW True, bullshit or mix? hejsanhoppsan 229 AussiePengwin, 2 years ago
 NSFW Don't Get Me Started(Forum Game) Rosin 165 AussiePengwin, 2 years ago
 NSFW What does your middle finger look like? ScanianDreng 22 AussiePengwin, 2 years ago
  The Room forum game Dorkymike 11 SpikeTheNerd, 2 years ago
  Glossolalia Ptarmigeon 12 SpikeTheNerd, 2 years ago
  An experimental dynamic ever changing game... Dorkymike 54 SpikeTheNerd, 2 years ago
  Got a burning question you need answering? SpikeylovesSatW 121 AussiePengwin, 2 years ago
  Word Chain nemoleeexe 12 nemoleeexe, 2 years ago
  What Instrument do you play? Queran 77 LavaMadness, 2 years ago
  The Duolingo Thread Australian-Person 371 ClaraLovesSATW, 2 years ago
  Hunger Game Simulation Between Forumers Rosin 24 nemoleeexe, 2 years ago
  Very strange marbles .. LOST AND FOUND hejsanhoppsan 22 ClaraLovesSATW, 2 years ago
  A Thread where you can only 'Yikes' SpikeTheNerd 24 ClaraLovesSATW, 2 years ago
  The Banning Game 5 Baldikaldi01 1061 Dorkymike, 2 years ago
 NSFW Corrupt a wish foundation#666 ClaraLovesSATW 1 Ptarmigeon, 2 years ago
 NSFW Random things that have happened to you Baldikaldi01 122 LavaMadness, 2 years ago
  Corrupt A Wish Foundation 11 Dorkymike 1032 Twinklebell, 2 years ago
  Your Current Ringtone ElBichoRaro 21 SpikeTheNerd, 2 years ago
  Three Words 5 csizmawarrior 1002 Dorkymike, 2 years ago
  Who will save you now? Aurinkolasit 117 uktana, 2 years ago
  What's On Your Mind #147 filkerdave 1103 MeddlingAmerican, 2 years ago
  What do you look like ScanianDreng 460 Liki, 2 years ago
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