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  I want to be a communist Lavender 319 Rosin, 7 months ago
  How many seven year old can you beat up? Rosin 35 Ptarmigeon, 7 months ago
 NSFW Your First Comment (NSFW?) SpikeylovesSatW 86 SpikeylovesSatW, 7 months ago
 NSFW Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Discussion Thread SpikeylovesSatW 266 AussiePengwin, 7 months ago
  Do you know where the European countries are? PrincessOphelia 149 MapleLeavesAreHats, 7 months ago
  Welcome to the house of Pun Australian-Person 33 Rosabelle, 7 months ago
  What's On Your Mind #136 Iateapenguin 17 csizmawarrior, 7 months ago
  Associations 14 AussiePengwin 1003 Pippin, 7 months ago
  What's On Your Mind #134 Ptarmigeon 1027 dox, 7 months ago
  what's on you head 1 Bendkabah 136 VoidTorcher, 7 months ago
  Right-wing Authoritarianism Scale Lavender 46 nemoleeexe, 7 months ago
  Do You Have Ear Lobes? Koshee 17 nemoleeexe, 7 months ago
  Are You Worthy? Ptarmigeon 39 Mindbird, 7 months ago
  What if Scholastic bought satw and rebranded it cloudieoak 21 SpikeylovesSatW, 7 months ago
  Anyone play nationstates? if so, link your nation TotallyOriginal 86 Seraphirate, 7 months ago
  Feedback on my designs for the baltics? cloudieoak 6 nemoleeexe, 7 months ago
  What is your dream? Cakeofdoom 50 SpikeylovesSatW, 7 months ago
 NSFW History revisited (Readers Discretion Advised) Seraphirate 184 Seraphirate, 7 months ago
  Fanart/art cloudieoak 1 SydneyCarton, 7 months ago
 NSFW How do you sleep? AussiePengwin 49 csizmawarrior, 8 months ago
  Country Shibboleths? AussiePengwin 147 uktana, 8 months ago
  Dear (blank) (Fake Letters) mewmewcupake 1045 Wolfenbuehl, 8 months ago
 NSFW Map of countries by average ... "size" Iateapenguin 31 AussiePengwin, 8 months ago
 NSFW BYE I LEAVING FOR REAL TyBruxtonz 72 Zeust, 8 months ago
 NSFW The mail keeps damaging my books... JeweledRose 3 Zeust, 8 months ago
  What do you think about this comic/picture? cloudieoak 3 Seraphirate, 8 months ago
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