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  Satwcomic minecraft server? Magik 38 Pearl, 6 months ago
  Fragile States Index 2017 finnhare 15 Seraphirate, 6 months ago
  Which country is your country? lashynahmad 81 SydneyCarton, 6 months ago
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  Pee pee on the TV Entranced98 32 csizmawarrior, 6 months ago
  Weird kids shows SpikeylovesSatW 122 VanessaLeskinen, 6 months ago
 NSFW Point out an obvious fact of the person above u 2 SpikeylovesSatW 253 SpikeylovesSatW, 6 months ago
  Anime Thread II Iateapenguin 671 Iateapenguin, 6 months ago
  How do you write your letters and numbers? AussiePengwin 59 AussiePengwin, 6 months ago
  Which Pokémon type do you prefer? Fawley 3 AussiePengwin, 6 months ago
  Got a burning question you need answering? SpikeylovesSatW 65 uktana, 6 months ago
  100 Years Finndependent Aurinkolasit 180 Dan, 6 months ago
  Did you know that...? omg2014 145 SpikeylovesSatW, 6 months ago
  any of you on google+? PotatoOtaku66 19 Australian-Person, 6 months ago
 NSFW U.S. 2016 Election thread #4 Lavender 727 ThorsomeTarmukas, 6 months ago
 Done What's on your mind #113 Lumoseo 1145 Wortel, 6 months ago
  Great to meet you at MCM GregC 1 Iateapenguin, 6 months ago
  What Countries Are Best At lowericon 28 Nevermore, 6 months ago
  Superhero movies PotatoOtaku66 4 Morning-USA, 6 months ago
 NSFW Non Binary Genders PatheticOtakuSatan66 92 csizmawarrior, 6 months ago
  Preferences PatheticOtakuSatan66 110 PatheticOtakuSatan66, 6 months ago
 NSFW Comment anything and get a silly reply. SpikeylovesSatW 334 PotatoOtaku66, 6 months ago
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