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  Why did you choose your avatar? ElBichoRaro 168 Wortel, 4 months ago
 NSFW The Way You Write It Pearl 156 Ukkoslintu, 4 months ago
  Jousting in Kent Fawley 18 SpikeylovesSatW, 4 months ago
  Love black people BlackPeople 22 EricTheRedAndWhite, 4 months ago
  I love black people Lukieboy001 10 Dorkymike, 4 months ago
  Yep Chikin 5 Pearl, 4 months ago
  You guys should be black Iuke 3 lbisno1, 4 months ago
  I ain't black Lukieboy001 2 hejsanhoppsan, 4 months ago
  Hip hop superluke333 15 IsaIna, 4 months ago
  Associations #14 AussiePengwin new! AussiePengwin, 4 months ago
 NSFWDone What's On Your Mind #130 hejsanhoppsan 1017 AussiePengwin, 4 months ago
  Associations 12 MeddlingAmerican 1014 Mauser, 4 months ago
 NSFW Let's create a story using ONE WORD ONLY!!! SpikeylovesSatW 1002 hejsanhoppsan, 4 months ago
  Aging Unnaturally AussiePengwin 62 AussiePengwin, 4 months ago
  Three Words 4 Superperson 1008 csizmawarrior, 4 months ago
  Easy ways to kill one self? dox 30 AussiePengwin, 4 months ago
  The most respected professions in your country Aurinkolasit 11 raqs, 4 months ago
  Ever had a dream with 'This Man' in? SpikeylovesSatW 2 SpikeylovesSatW, 4 months ago
 NSFW Storytelling Thread SpikeylovesSatW 10 AussiePengwin, 4 months ago
  Family Recipes: Does your family have one? MeddlingAmerican 82 csizmawarrior, 4 months ago
  ice hockey world championships 2017 finnhare 2 finnhare, 4 months ago
  Your height Lavender 580 Ptarmigeon, 4 months ago
  Metal bands per 100.000 people finnhare 4 Iateapenguin, 4 months ago
  France, what's wrong with you? v0ider 20 EricTheRedAndWhite, 4 months ago
  "Corrupt-a-Wish" AussiePenguin 2 Rosin, 4 months ago
  What would you do if this happened? Rosin 15 IsaIna, 4 months ago
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