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  Does the flag from your profile match your country Rosin 88 Mindbird, 6 months ago
  What would the person below you never ever say 2.0 Dorkymike 1 Dorkymike, 6 months ago
 NSFW Boobs! 2 (NSFW) Iateapenguin 229 AussiePengwin, 6 months ago
  I want to be a nazi Tobie_kenobie 75 Ptarmigeon, 6 months ago
  Show us your pets. :) Fernweh 122 hejsanhoppsan, 6 months ago
  What's on your mind #119 IsaIna 62 IsaIna, 6 months ago
 NSFWDone What's On Your Mind? #119 Australian-Person 1085 Ptarmigeon, 6 months ago
  What's On Your Mind #138 Norrient new! Norrient, 6 months ago
 NSFW What's the previous avatar doing? AussiePengwin 1001 uktana, 6 months ago
  easiest language to learn cloudieoak 14 uktana, 6 months ago
  I found a krone cloudieoak 3 uktana, 6 months ago
  Who's your favourite character in SatW? britney_spears_fan_6 1 TheDoctor1996, 6 months ago
 NSFW Rate The YouTube Video Below You! SpikeylovesSatW 7 britney_spears_fan_6, 6 months ago
  A play of words challenge Cordisiolol 19 Cordisiolol, 6 months ago
 NSFW openings and endings Karkitty112 14 nemoleeexe, 6 months ago
  What did You do Today Willowthecollie 259 uktana, 6 months ago
  Nokia will rise again finnhare 7 dino-soar94, 6 months ago
  What do you hate about Society? LoveToEat 126 Zeust, 6 months ago
  Several terrorist attacks in Europe finnhare 4 nemoleeexe, 6 months ago
  How big was Melvin Harris' order? Cordisiolol 3 Ptarmigeon, 6 months ago
  Suggestion for trip to Denmark Caustic_Charlie 5 plgirlpl, 6 months ago
  Who let that white guy in DissBlackGuy 22 TheLatinAR, 6 months ago
  Trials and Tribulations of the Student NickOfForvania 227 Ptarmigeon, 6 months ago
  Making flags out of emojis/colours of writing! Pearl 107 Finn123, 6 months ago
  Corrupt-a-Wish Foundation 8 uktana 1010 Wortel, 6 months ago
  School/University Terms AussiePengwin 10 Wortel, 6 months ago
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