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269 7 12, 10:55am

Just some speculation: Did the biomatrix consume Bell? In that case would that matter? Would he respawn in the backup waiting room where Pilot's body is currently trapped? Although the other directors didn't, but who knows, if that was the case he would cause the whole trio (snippy, biomatrix and himself) to be brought back to life.

Or maybe the director backup system was part of the programs assimilated by Captain in his glorious bet. In that case, maybe he has the power to just make the three of them respawn whenever he wants. In both cases, I wouldn't want to be in the copyright-monster's place.

And if that happened, then the Biomatrix (the queen of copyright monsters) would be kind of duplicated again, which could possibly mean it (she) would be able to infiltrate and unleash all it's viral Goodness in the lunar systems, taking over Engie B's power...

Whatever happens, it's so Good to see this comic is still alive :)