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104 27 10, 5:59pm

Could it be that snippey IS zee captain? (Spoiler alert) The biomatrix can travel through time, so what if zee captain is snippey from the future. Then it would make sense how "lucky" zeer is- zee knows what will happen in advance. In one of the more recent comics it was hinted that zee is one of the seeds ANNET planted, like echo, and keeps rewinding time to see engie. This COULD ruin the whole hypothosis, unless the biomatrix has a seed in it's code. Sounds crazy, but if i understood right, echo is a seed planted in the code of lifealope. The biomatrix is a virus from snippeys clothes, that were made by ANNET. Considering that the biomatrix is practically part of snippy now, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to have some future event wake ANNETS seed and the seed to merge with/take over snippys personality. After all, the captain said that he a) used to be a normal person like snippy- or possibly snippy himself
and b) is belived to have been a little girl, before identifying as zee. Both could be fit with this, maybe it's also just me overthinking. BUT HEEEY- THAT'S JUST A THEORY. A HALF BAKED THEORY.
PS pilot referred to zee captain being born a little gir *in a strange and forgotten land known as germany*. They already were in france, so my best guess is that when they all get back from the moon, the seed will spawn during some adventure in germany. What do you think?