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263 14 7, 5:15am

You should make him reject his head, because a head means hair and hair means haircuts, so without his head, Pilot would never have to go to the hairdresser ever again!! It makes sense if you make Pilot fokus on this point of pros and cons of having a head. He never has to see Pinapples again, but neither can he see Captain nor yell at Snippy again. He also couldn't draw or dance that well without eyes or ears, so I'd like to see him try in this state. Maybe he tells himself that, since he can move without his head, he is an ascended beeing and the head would be a downgrade. I mean if you look at from another point of few, we now have body-Pilot and head-Pilot, which more or less makes two Pilots! If you only think about there beeing two Pilots, it would make sence in leaving it that way.