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259 16 4, 11:52pm

So, I’ve been re-reading Romantically Apocalyptic, for the reasons of it being kick-ass and so on. Now, when I was reading, I saw something. On' #16' (Not counting the prequel comics), the journal/data transcript below the picture of Snippy scanning things with his new-found geiger counter chronicles the thoughts/data/”brain” of an AI that is contained in some sort of food storage device. The device makes repeated mentions of a pineapple, and how at a certain point in time it is forced to convert the pineapple “into energy.”

Now, later on in the series, page 160 to be exact, there is a pineapple that is rigged by the 1% terrorists to act as a bomb. Now, in this comic, as we all know, symbolism and foreshadowing run deep. Many things are elaborate Call-Backs or Call-Forwards, and many more have yet to be resolved.

Now, the reason this is unusual, and the reason it warrants an explanation (Besides the usual “The world of RA is weird lol”), is that the Fridge (or Freezer, or whatever, lets just assume it was a Fridge for simplicity) specifically says the pineapple is “converted to energy.” Not, “converted to biofuel”, or “Converted to fuel”, “Converted to energy.” Now, you can chalk this up to simply a vocab choice, but that's what BORING people do. And WE, my friends, are citizens of CAPTANIA! We are ANYTHING but boring!

So let’s take this simple phrasing to it’s (Il)logical conclusion. Let’s assume the pineapple was converted to energy. As in, straight up, Einsteinian Physics E=MC2 converted. Mass being broken down into its core component, energy.

A little help from google and the peoples at shows us the yield of an object with the mass of a pineapple (the average of which is around 905 grams), comes out to 81,337 TeraJoules. That's quite a lot of power.

Now see, we have energy outputs on the TerraJoule levels in the real world. Like, you know, whenever we DROP A FUCKING NUKE

And the USA’s most powerful nuke EVER tested power output was only a paltry 63,000 TJ, barely 2/3rds of the power this pineapple delivered upon ascending to the plane of Elemental Explosiveness. Hiroshima’s Fat Man barely even MADE IT onto the TeraJoule Scale, only getting around 1.2 (sometimes more, sometimes less. Reports are a bit sketchy, since, you know, noone wanted to stick around to watch the blast.)
And so, my friends, I reveal to you all the actual cause of the apocalypse which allowed the grand domain of Captain to begin.

No AI made people's heads explodes, no coffee was spilled

A pineapple was turned into a nuke, causing everyone around the world to freak out and launch their respective nukes.