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257 10 2, 3:20am

I can't enter Alexius' mind to peer at his thoughts (much as I'd like to sometimes when the plot takes a sharp turn into the weird) but I can make a guess.

Heterosexual male like naked female body.

I'm also guessing that this is why we got two more or less nude feminine characters (neither of them human) and a female Snippy descendant wearing a skimpy wedding dress for a nightgown that is then tastefully singed off as she burns to death while maintaining perfect unblemished skin in the images - while the male characters are fully dressed at all times.

(seriously, the death of that descendant woman was horrid from an artistic standpoint. This comic is a post apocalyptic feast of creative and/or humorous deaths and there she goes dying so extremely prettily that you'd she was a Disney princess - not a single burn or scar visible on her quite exposed skin honestly it's a disappointment on so many levels and I'm sorry for going off on a tangent about this but if someone gets a face full of fire while wearing a silky napkin as their sole protection then I expect to see some serious face melting action)