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[NOT!] THE LAST PAGE 24 11, 12:15pm


65 AND 68 are in book 3 as they currently appear: the old versions were very low res and had to be re-drawn - they were too low res to be printed in books.

Rating is from webtoon/tapastic readers on the sites themselves, when the comics were images+text it kept going down. As soon as they became full panels it went to 9.4

It's worth it once audience there builds up - the more episodes we post on webtoons, the more new readers we get there and here (when they bleed over). Webtoon has millions of readers, they have a good marketing team.

New/updated episodes all have "heart" shrooms in the archive:

Also about the people not liking it, maybe wrong choice of words... it was really nobody was paying attention to them or understanding the story, and when clicking on to it expecting a webcomic they are greeted with a lot of text. Plus when I read them back, I can tell why which prompted me to get a second opinion about the more technical parts of the writing. It's one thing to be random and whimsical, but there were simple mistakes that were caught. Nikkita pointed out to me because I brought people in with a webcomic, they expected a webcomic, then I started piling on all this text without any art which people took as kind of a bamboozle. The journals are still there, just oriented in a way that is easier and more pleasant for people to read. :>

Plus it gives me time to properly develop the series going further. Once the new website is done, that'll be a large chunk off of our backs. It is only the two of us that do all the things, so it leaves me stretched thin.