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[NOT!] THE LAST PAGE 23 11, 6:36pm

@alexius "The current printed books are the "original" edition of RA"
Which original? I noticed that comics 65 and 68 have changed at some point on the website, among others.

"they gave me a low rating and complaints when it was art+long texts vs all pages as visuals"

Who gave you a low rating? The editors of TVTropes? If you're after a higher rating and more readers, one fairly straightforward way to achieve that is to update regularly (even once a week seems to be enough, judging by TwoKinds), and to remind your fans to vote for you at TopWebComics by adding incentives such as concept art, etc. (Minna Sundberg used to do this a lot with aRTD and SSSS in the first few years; now that she already has a huge audience, she no longer bothers). Changing the format of the entire comic to date is an untested approach - it might or might not work.

In my view, the difference between the old format and the new is akin to the difference between song and prose.

You started out with all-song (no narration, only dialogue & visuals, sometimes poetry -- the words in the comic were carefully-chosen and sparse, just like in a song, with the focus being on panel progression and visuals). Then you added optional prose (novel-like narration) below the comic (optional in the sense that one could avoid reading it if one so wished, as well -- it was like listening to the Ballad of Robin Hood, and then reading a novella that went into more detail). Now you're making reading the prose mandatory by incorporating it into the comic. Maybe this works, or perhaps it makes the song less of a song. Personally, I just think you're really GOOD at words when you make the special effort to use them sparsely (some of my favourite examples: 117, 61). The narrated stories are usually good as well, but it's a different thing. If some people didn't like them, maybe it wasn't simply because of the lack of pictures (if someone prefers the artistic form of a ballad to a novella, playing a guitar while you sing the text of the novella may not be enough to make the difference).

I'm not sure if that was clear or not, and I could be wrong... just some ideas. I CAN say that one of my friends who liked reading your comic got behind on it, and she's currently unsure of whether to start reading it again because I told her there's new stuff being added to the beginning and all throughout, and there's no way to know when something new is added -- if she starts now, the earlier parts could completely change, so she decided to wait until "things are stable again".

(EDIT: Okay, I just discovered the "webtoons" version of RA. Weird, I don't think you ever mentioned it on the official RA website? I notice you're not getting that many likes on it per comic -- about 100 -- is it worth it? Are the visitor numbers higher than here? I know practically nothing about this site...)