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[NOT!] THE LAST PAGE 18 11, 6:21pm

Congratulations on the baby!

I actually quite like the occasionally very long texts that go along with the comic (often much longer than the images themselves), even though I understand that it would be difficult to reproduce that faithfully in any book format (who ever heard of a comic/novel hybrid? It would almost have made more sense to release two books side-by-side, the comic and the story texts to go with it, and have readers read both of them alternately, one "chapter" at a time).

I notice what you're doing with the Russian version... it's quite impressive, but at the same time, the new beginning to the comic (which I notice you've changed at least twice now, first adding Snippy's journal - currently' #11' - then adding another introduction prior to that one) makes it move slower at the start. Perhaps sometimes the original artistic instinct is best, or at least there might be those who prefer it? I wonder if I would've liked RA as much if I started reading it today and not years ago, and had not had the experience of being first attracted by the absurd but seemingly uncomplicated setup, with simple, short, absurd buddy gags in a mysterious landscape, and then gradually becoming more intrigued with it as things got more and more complex and the commentary on our own world. With the new "expanded special edition" beginning, there's a lot more exposition to wade through right at the start, and a lot of the mysteries that I only figured out much later are introduced very early on. For example, it is now clear almost from the beginning that Pilot is actually sane and not just imagining things, while Snippy is actually the one who often can't see what's going on -- many of Pilot's memories are illustrated in realistic style, rather than cartoony Pilot style, making it clear that they were real events and making it easy to figure out what he's talking about. (originally, this was a major revelation for me about halfway into the comic)

I wonder, is there ever going to be something like a "Star Wars original edition" for RA? (I'm actually not saying I necessarily prefer the original -- but I'm simply not sure. It's undoubtedly a different experience)

I'm also kind of worried that the attempt to adapt the entire comic in the same style as the new beginning will take a very long time, postponing new story progression for quite a while. The Russian translation is 47 pages in already, and it still has not reached page' #5' of the original. Going by that, is the currently 254-page-long comic going to be expanded to over 2000 pages?