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40 6 10, 10:52am

Someone commented on another page "Pilot has no idea what happened, but he knows what's going on." It was in reference to a future event that I won't spoil here for first-time readers but it seems to be fitting with Pilot's character all the time. This event sure looks like a test of faith for Pilot, and looks like he passed with flying colors. I can't help but be reminded of the Mirror of Erised from the Harry Potter universe, sort of subverted with an "evil mirror universe" trope.

Also: Poor Pilot!


Pilot is aware he's in a story here (4th wall breaking)
Pilot describes Snippy as "a snail." I assume because he is a DEX and processes everything so much faster than a human.
Captain tells Pilot that anything can happen if he truly believes it. (Not an exact quote, can't find it in my notes.). Seems to be working! Also foreshadowing the Wizard of Oz bit.
Pilot is surprisingly kind to Snippy after his ordeal, giving him back the useful button and a weapon. Pilot was disconnected from ANNET for the duration. I daresay this is the first we've seen of Pilot's un-augmented, true personality.