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218 1 10, 6:15am

@GothKorgi OMG, you're right! Engie is terrified of everything, ie. Cowadly Lion. Pilot would be the Tin Man, lacking and wanting a human heart (Some would argue he needs a brain like the Scarecrow, but I like him brain-scrambled). Snippy, being Unconnectable, lacks the power to access the hive-mind, so he needs the brain, maybe? Though he's learning.

EDIT: Wait, no. Zee Captain is the Wizard, the System Wizard, the last of his kind! Snippy is Dorothy. Zee Captain is going to help Pilot learn he had a heart all along, Engie had courage all along, and Snippy gets to go home at the end! YAYYY! (Of course this is just a theory.)