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253 26 7, 12:38am

First time I've noticed this. For some reason some of the text in Angry Red (like the angry house yelling, the "Entry 253" at the top or "Credits" at the bottom) aren't showing up on Firefox version 54.0.1.. They just show as black on black. If you highlight the text it shows white on white. You have to copy and paste it into plain text to see what it says.

Looking at the HTML, it says it should be 'style="color:springgreen' for the house talking.... However, it is only the first line of “YOU’RE A QUESTIONABLE USER!” that shows up in green on either browser.

On chrome all those lines show as the same red color, even though the house's lines are coded as springgreen . The Entry and Credits are listed as <h1> but no color in the HTML

I hope this helps you understand what I mean. IF not, I can email a screenshot