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249 11 2, 11:06am

@Vashanaly @limemailbox I think it's because it's hard for online web comics to find the audience they're made for and it takes a long time for said audience to get invested. Think about it. Unlike other mediums, web comics are completely independent of one another and most people happen to stumble upon them by chance. Movies pay people to advertise their trailers to tease people in. Books will sometimes get put on best seller lists and get reviewed by famous people/critics to attract attention. Plus books usually give you these neat little summaries on them to give you an idea of what's inside. Music can be pushed and promoted by larger corporations and it's easy to remember and invest in a song-especially if it carries some emotional weight. Classic Comics are usually shown on newspapers as strips to get kids and adults to enjoy them. Webcomics aren't like any of these at all. With webcomics you have to patient and instead of getting the story as a whole in one piece you can get them sporadically. Even then you have to wait and wait for the plot to emerge which usually takes awhile. And since webcomics are independently produced (usually) then you don't exactly have an entire advertising team to work with. I didn't even know this comic existed until I did a google search and found the image of cancer.