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Alright, so i'm a long, looonnng time reader (Only made this account now, like two minutes ago). I was probably in the eighth grade when I started reading this (i am now in my 2nd year of college), and back then there weren't any logs, every chapter was just random with some semblance of a story somewhere.

And i stopped reading. There weren't any updates whenever i returned and just thought it was discontinued. It's when pilot jumped on Snippy telling for touching captain's mug.

I am so glad to have returned for nostalgia's sake.

I basically spent all my time in class doing it (No worries there, I don't really pay attention in the first place) and OH MY GOD?!?! AMAZING! You guys even have a merch store now. I don't like the change of website much, sensitive eyes and all, but i can see how it helps with the font colours.

And everything makes sense! Like, I never understood the whole Lady Ambers and the overpriced coffee causing a flood but now i do. The first clue about the whole time travel thing going on with Snippy was in the cube chapter (Is it ever going to come back?) when it said that something clicked in the fourth dimension. I was like "Wait, is that why he can't connect? Because he's connected to the time stream or something?" Then i got so obsessed with finishing it just to find out.

I'm just very happy. Really happy. I also feel that very same feeling when you finish a series or a book that you were so entranced with, you don't know what to do next. I feel empty.