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155 29 10, 1:28am

This is from back when Cancer/Biomatrix first appeared and stabbed Snippy through the chest. We see the coffee flood in a flashback as the Biomatrix scans Snippy's memories. Since Biomatrix established a connection between them that allows it to reach anyone in Snippy's "genetic memory", the ion beam (courtesy of ANNET) hitting Biomatrix in the then-present spilled over into Snippy's past when he spilled his overprices cup of coffee.

The incident with Captain was something completely different and as far as I can understand happened later. That's when Captain spilled tea in one of ANNET's servers and seemingly caused her to kill a large amount of people in self defence - giving them "hugs". That was when Dr Gromov/Engie decided to nuke ANNET and at some point after that Captain recruited Pilot (with broken "tiara") to drop the nuke.