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148 29 10, 12:27am

Yeah, but Biomatrix has bonded with Snippy's genetic memory. Remember when Biomatrix brought Snippy's consciousness back to one of his cave-men ancestors* and then interacted with him in the shape of a deer-avatar? Biomatrix is bonded with Snippy's genetic signature since thousands of years back, and it was bonded with Snippy when he worked in Eureka. Snippy just didn't know it yet. That's why the output is "a mix of 10591 languages" and that's why he's giving off readings like "dangerously high level of temporal displacement". He's a knot on the timey-wimey ball.

*who was somehow familiar with Gods that wouldn't be worshipped for many many thousands of years, but I'm chalking that up as writers caring more for using names we're familiar with than historical correctness.