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113 27 10, 11:49pm

I'm pretty sure that the Biomatrix said that Snippy would just not-time-travel through his "genetic memory", meaning his ancestors and presumably descendants since time seems to be a non-linear thing for beings like Biomatrix. Lady Amber is not Snippy. Snippy gets to live through Lady Amber for a while as a distraction the Biomatrix granted him while the world was ending since Snippy really didn't want to watch the world end. She is not Snippy's body. She could be his great great great great great great great great grandchild though.

Which is not entirely impossible. I mean, Captain is obviously going to have that black hole situation under control and we know there are other survivors since they threw Captain in the Pit Of Sugary Death and we know they must have some women among them* (even if they weren't depicted) because there was a panel showing children being told about the great prophet Captain decades later.

*Alternatively Vitaly is going to reveal that this is the kind of future where mpreg is possible but off-screen ladies seem more likely to me.