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246 27 10, 4:24am

A Reluctant Participation
Today began as a different day
“Oh, a different day?” you say?
“Is there a norm to deviate?
How I wish it were that way
The folly of a group dynamic
Filled with fools who cause all havoc
Days in and out are all erratic
To my sensible dismay

This morning, I woke in confusion
I spoke my unwilling inclusion
In whatever hell they hath concocted
In their fallout-founded delusion
No matter how much I demand and press
For an explanation to this frilly dress
The answer, they dodge and never address
I fear they are in collusion

It matters not if I gripe and groan
By this point, I should have known
Retribution is not an option
That Zee Captain will condone
I steel myself from every prod and tease
With irritating friends like these
Who needs foes or enemies?
They’re doing fine on their own

I wrote this poem a while ago, after reading through the early journal where Snippy was a flight attendant because Captain and Pilot stapled a skirt to his jacket. Never thought I would post it since the journals where he was dressed up against his will were so long ago, but this was perfect! Of course, now Captain has told Snippy why he was dressed up, but, at the time it was happening, he was never told why, so I think the poem could still stand.