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Snippy's brain is basically like a computer that's full of viruses that interrupt and hog the internet connection to any nearby router (broadcasting app). The connection appears at times, but it's not enough to keep him perpetually connected and not enough to download/upload anything visual, as it keeps interrupting.

Snippy can occasionally hear objects around him, but only for a short time, so he usually written that off as "audio hallucinations".
Examples of this are snowflake:
and mug/straw/ladybug:

When Snippy is really annoyed or angry he completely vanishes from the network, as his feelings affect the viruses and increase the temporal storm they generate (hiding his IP entirely):

It was a very smart sign and it caught him when he wasn't annoyed. It didn't require an uninterrupted send/receive signal connection of him, only a single moment when it could brute-force its "G-bux employee" virus into him.