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233 11 12, 12:58am

HOOLLY SH*T I missed this kind of plot-twisting entries! :D :D

Everytime the comic falls into a clue like this, I remember the first page:

Then on entry 177, Pilot actually orders a piano via "sky-mall", but the delivery is never made in this version of the story, maybe because Captain throws him overboard. []

Then again, Captain has shown several times that he has the power to trascend space and time (the time he sucked the black-hole on entry 109, for example), and as we know, he is Subject 7, the luckiest subject to ever exist, with the mision of saving the world.

So here's a theory for anyone who would like to read ~
This is just speculaton, and it's going to be a bit long.


_ On WHAT (I believe) is Captein, and what's the *ERROR* Future

My head-cannon is that when Gromov asked Annie to look for the luckiest person in the world, she actually created that person by choosing someone to gift with the ability of knowing every probability in every single timeline (as we know from Snippy and Pilot's conversation at "ParaDis-place", Paris?). In my head-cannon it's like she took a human entity from the infinity of different worlds and merged all of its alternative versions into one single subject. In that way, Captain wouldn't be male nor female, but instead, every man and every woman that said individual was, is and would ever be. Imagine that mess of a singularity standing unmasked in front of you and you have enough mind-blowing material to make an alien explode. Something that I've come to think is that in order for this singularity to cover every possibility of existence that it originaly had in every universe, it must be an inmortal entity.

Imagine a shooting star soaring through the sky, with debris falling from it. Now, imagine it in reverse, absorbing those trails of powder as it travels. That's how I imagine Captein: a single entity going trough existence, absorbing every "self" as they appear in different spaces and moments.

Given the intention of Gromov of asking that "hero" to save the world, Annie, the goddess of G, the network that now stands for "Reality", probably designed by herself an ideal future in which the land was recovered, humans would repopulate the earth and live happily ever after (as if humans could do such a thing). From that point of view, it makes perfect sense to see Annie embracing the Earth on entry 176 []. In this perfect world, the nature shouldn't be at mercy of humans, and so, Life-walkers need to exist somehow. And in the same entry, Annie explains that it was the imposibility of connecting every human together which bringed discord and disaster at Eureka, and in that sense, something better than the Neural Network, something greater than human technology, must be able to achieve this connection with everyone. So, the Biomatrix must exist in symbiosis with the ANNET.

The problem is, the future created is there, far away, like an island in the fabric of the universe without any actual path to reach it. There isn't a continuity with the appocaliptic present. There has to be a road of probabilities that develop through time in order to get there; and said probabilities did not exist by the time the Dead Zone expanded over Eureka. But as Gromov wished for that to change, and for that future to existe, Annie ensured that the path of probabilities, this bridge to that impossible future, gets eventually built, thanks to the creation of Subject 7, who is able to turn the odds in favor of "tomorrow tomorrow". He has been doing it infinite times through this comic, and what excites me about this particular entry, is that what probably started as an infinity of probabilities, an inifinity of infinities of probabilities, is merging slowly, sloowly, into that single path that I talked about. And how do we know that? Because we are looking at the 27th Gromov who got to the moon. The 27th to get this far.

There's a last bit about Captain: he is the System Wizard. He was promoted to a rank higher than Local Admins. Glakr Bell lost his authority when it arrived in Paris; Snippy mentions in his first entries that he couldn't understand how they could give such powers to such a moron. So, he is able to connect to the Annet, but at the same time, I have the impression that he's been able to supress the powers of the Mug or making himself undetectable when he wants. So I think it should be Unconnectable at the same time.

Male and female at the same time; Inmortal, as to trascend time; with powers over the network, but simultaneously unconnectable.


_ On HOW (I believe) Captein is so wise, and the Engie's duplicates thingy

He knows everything, he is a living record of everything that could happen, because he has been there. Countless times. It seems (head-cannon again) that in this world, the universe collapses and is born again in a cyclic way, like a constant wave of Big Bangs and Big Crunches. Maybe what Gromov and its scientists managed to do was just to backup the whole Earth in a system inmune to time, like a capsule. We know they've messed a lot with reality and time before, so it's possible. And I talk of a capsule and not something that engulfes the universe (at least it didn't at first) because the Alien Union apparently had no idea of the network by the time they found Earth.

So we have Annet, which the G-Directorate employed to copyright every single thing that could possibly exist, and by doing so, everything becomes recorded in the network forever. And what forever actually means is: until the Earth dissapears, until the very last star dies, until the universe collapses, until a new Big Bang, and so on, and so on. This kind of cyclic universe and the transcendence of the network explains things like when caveman Snippy found The Mug trapped in a glacier millions of years before civilizations.

There's an example of that in the story of Verk Bussier, entry 199 [], and the network itself has talked several times of "19824712219 cycles" and things like that.

The thing is: Captain was granted the ability to cycle eternally through the universe, and change every cycle's fate according to his new knowledge of the past that will now be future. If in cycle 1 the ion cannon killed the Biomatrix but also the main characters, we'll have to go trough the end of time and then back again to make sure that we keep a flower of life-alope in our hats so that it can then go revive the crew. If in cycle 2 a black hole engulfed the Earth, we'll need to bring a specially crafted straw in cycle 3. If in cycle 3 a falling piano killed the crew in midair, we'll have to try again at the next cycle. If in cycle whatever Engie froze to dead in a moon-fridge, we'll have to come back again next time. And next time... and next time.....

And as the Engies who got to the moon were all back-ups saved in the transcending ANNET, like Verk Busier, and like Captain itself in a certain way, they are still loaded as part of the moon server during the next cycle. In cycle 1 Engie never arrived to the hut, died, the universe collapsed, then we go back again in cycle 2 and when ANNET shuts down and the back-up is loaded, what we find is the dead-backup of the first Engie and now the second Engie who is trying to get to the hut. And that happened 27 times so far.

_ On WHO are Captain

More head-cannon, but I'll be pretty direct with this one. I strongly believe that Captain is both the purple eyed girl and Snippy at the same time. There's a particular entry (70: on this subject. Charles dreams about a future in which "the green eyed man-child-robot" get's him in a whale during a flight test, aided by "the purple eyed girl". In the journal, he actually encounters Captain in an elevator, asking if they know each other, to which Captein answers "NOT YET". Finally, the page shows Snippy talking with a "purple-text" girl, and then traveling to the dead zone with a purple-eyed girl (which I believe is the same), who happens to find the wastelands romantic (RA <3).

Journal 65: "Research notes from the last report of Charles Snippy terrified me greatly. They had found something horrid in the Dead Zone. Something that killed them all." They both died there. Both Snippy and the purple eye girl encountered a singularity somewhere in the wastelands. And I believe that whatever happened to them was intended by Annet to happen, so that their realities could merge together. The expansion Dead Zone is said to be in direct relation with the demand for things that don't exist but are created by ANNET, so it wouldn't be surprising that Captein is one of those creations and the Dead Zone the place where it was born.

There are other entries in which both Charles and the girls exist in a time in which they are simultaneously alive (when the purple eyed-girl takes Snippy from the hospital and rescues him from Pilot after the pinneaple incident) and others in which one survives but the other is dead (during the temporal disruption at the cube, that caused it to be destroyed by the ion cannon and got Snippy in the hospital in ¿first? place). The result is a twisted dance of timelines, much like what the Luteces achive in Bioshock Infinite (for anyone who knows it; if not, I urge you to Google it. Chances are if you enjoy RA, you'll enjoy their story as well).

RA seems to me like the tale of millions of universes, in some of which "Rosalind Lutece" acquires trascendence trough her connection with the grid. The particular timeline we've been seeing seems to me like the story of one particular Rosalind who turned into a singularity, and traveled to a universe where one particular Robert has a chance to restore humanity. But the trouble of doing so is that Captain should not exist in this particular universe. The only reason why his existence here doesn't tear the world appart more than what is has already done seems to be because somewhere in the future, it WILL, eventually, exist properly.

Somewhere in the future, this german looking singularity who once was the purple-eyed girl will have to ensure that her alter-ego, Snippy, who didn't face the horror of the Dead Zone in this particular run, ends up turning into a singularity as he should have, to finally justify Captein's existence in this timeline. Somewhere in the future, this Captein would have ensured that Snippy becomes Captain.

Enough head-cannon! :)

Just one last bit of journal, from 164 (

I vigorously nodded, yes Captain trains us all for a most wondrous purpose. I wondered how Captain could be a mere boobish Snippy long ago. I pictured Captain just existed since the beginning of time, in full godly val-oure."