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227 15 8, 6:10am

As @MuRioDame said, "the moon is green", I wonder if that's maintained foliage or maybe it is all overgrown, as we saw back a few pages containing Kitty Hawk, Photoshop, and Echo, the place seemed rather deserted and desolate.. Or maybe that was just the entrance to this lush paradise which may have been sealed off long ago because in the bottom left of the last panel, you can see what looks like plots of land, with obvious paths meaning the roads or whatever those are have been maintained over the years.

As for Engie and his new second body, it makes sense to me as he is in a (semi) binary matrix, which is literally the source of creating and molding programs via technology, so his body (to me at least) was created and pixelized there.
I don't believe he had a second robotic body prepared as @NamesAreNotImportant suggested because Engie most likely didn't even have a sliver of thought that this would ever happen, nor did he have access to this world/dimension. Though I do agree on his/her second theory that this could just be apart of Engie's coma.