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9 25 6, 4:00am

I felt my veins and heart pulsing after the train came to a stop somewhere in a place that sucked away the sun's light, making where I was almost pitch black. I shook a leg and my foot some how hit the back of my head. That's one less limb I didn't have to worry about. I rolled over and found myself falling onto the floor from an unknown seat in the back of the train. . . I was pretty sure I was in the back of the train. . . My eyes widened and my heart skipped a beat. Where did my treasure chest go!? It was far to dark to see clearly where I was from the floor or my chest either. "Rarhg", uttered from my mouth as I felt my leg suddenly unfold from behind my head. I sighed in relief after my leg moved to a more comfortable place, not being above my waist. My treasure chest would have something on yoga. Yoga might be something to learn... yaaaaaahhhhh. . .