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8b 24 6, 1:48pm

After my failed attempt of vaulting over "Spicy's" counter at the train station I decided to get out of there before I was removed from the station. Actually I began to run to find myself a get away train. It was time I found a place to steel for the night anyways. The station had closed down with my hiding under a seat until all employment had left. Now I could get the next ride to where every I needed to fly to. Ya right. I was just fooling my self. There's nothing for me to head for. I wasnt being chased. . . I wasnt even at spicy. . . I had snatched this spot early before anyone knew I was here. Oh and this wasn't a "Crunchy bar" I found either at Spicy's. Don't be dumb dumb. No one likes dumb dumb. It's only cute once. I sighed. "I guess we'll make it last the rest of our lives", I spoke to myself. "I guesd I'll eat it now!"