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7B 24 6, 9:34am

Earlier before aboarding the train of FLYING DEATH I had been searching for the most of the decent places for nutrition. At the train station, yus. During this tine I felt my grammar start mimicking something else not seanmccaptain like. I had decided to try out my acrobatic skills by vaulting over counters of different stands that once sold varies snackments and juices but none of the juices I was looking for. My kind if juice was not one found in any brand named cup. It was some thang with more boom to it. After side stepping a good 10 feet from the counter of S"picy's with wet baggy clothing meet for a bigger humanoid, I sprang flying forward into a single step forward hands ready like those of a swimmer about to go off a spring board. Woosh! A front flip into a back breaking counter! My legs fell lifeless on the other side of the counter as my head and arms restes on the side where I tryD this move out. Sorry people I rested after my suit released a single tear after many laid resting in my suit. I was not as nibble today.