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7a 24 6, 8:49am

I woke up with feeling my head jerk in my helmet. I rose my head to look down at my open glove covered hands where it looked as if I was holding my face while I slept. Out the window everything look the same besides maybe some rubble that fell from a wall perhaps. Nothing seemed out of place. Maybe I was hoping for something to have actually happened. I sat in the back of the long train next to a broken window... ya that was there before... and the faded candy rappers under the seat in front of mine. I really wish perhaps that a bandit had come on to the train and had everyone hostage. I'D rise to the challenge or perhaps assist the man. Even if- mate screeched and a loud humming came from what seemed to be the trains engines! Engines!? Wait didn't this train use electricity? I wouldn't be one to know to be honest. I flew back as the train started to move forward at a steady pace. The sun blea check ed seating ripped like cotton candy as my weight fell on to it. I felt something hard press into my upper back making me almost almost start flailing in pain. I did though curse "salty biscuits" not because of me slamming into the cushionless wall behind me but defiantly because of something else. I stopped worrying about why I cursed randomly and focused on the front of the train. It was bending over the tracks shattered louder and louder with my cab getting closer to the end of the line also. There were still some cabs remaining so I want worried. 5. 4. 3... 2.. wow no! Time was shorting for me to decide on what I was going to do with this situation. I raised my left arm and swung it out the window as my body stuck to the seat. My head was bein gn pulled back still comically I bet with my face underneath my helmet Probaby stretching under neath. 1... I shook my head like a mad man shimmying up. Then with shoulders and legs. I felt pain in my lower back as I laid hung from the back window of the train on some glass shards. "Falalaaah! Sorry train!". The train fell with me flying up to the upper seem of the window being pushed down. And like a good ride where you free fall I felt my heart plummet out of my body.. here we goooo!