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222 4 6, 7:51pm

Biomatrix! It's there, in the magic slippers! Snippy is going to get his powers back hahaha :D

Think about it: the virus got confiscated by Sector 9 systems. But it has infestated so many worlds, do you really think it would dissapear just like that?

So it was all a plan to get Pilot to be a real boy, Snippy to get the truth of the G Directorate system, and to destroy the french cube!
- They get in a tornado
- Pilot get's shot
- Snippy loses his power to Sector 9, so that he can't save Pilot, so that Pilot gets so badly damaged that it really needs to be "fixed"
- Biomatrix infestates Sector 9. I bet the captain didn't really do a thing when he touched the screen.
- Snippy discovers the existence of G
- Captain gives his power back to Snippy: the power of virus-infected clothes! :)

And thus, with Pilot and Snippy both knowing the truth of the world Annet created, all we need is Engie to come back from the moon so they can convince him of using his admin privileges....

-> Here, the moment Pilot became so important that the Temporal Corrector (mug) would be willing to restore him: